LV*Family Value Wilma

dob 2020-01-15

ems d 03 red withe bicoulor


sire FI*Daybreak's Macho Fantastico
dam LV*Family Value Ronny
HCM scan with normal heart 27/11-20 vet Fredrik Öhdal

wilma Januari 2022
2 år gammal

wilma utforskar nya sovplatser

Wilma 4/7-2021

Wilma och hennes en av hennes avkommor i sin första kull (Pamplemousse) 10/5-21

Thoose eye ...who just look into my soul, she is a cat with a human soul she is so much <3 pics 2020-12-02



Hellllloooooo...what are you without me?.....// Wilms

no photo without me!!!! - is that understood?

oktober 2020