❤With reservation that I may have been mistaken for sex, or color, pattern or silver / smoke. Errors are corrected as kittens grow older.🤪

❤ E-Litter was born 5/5-2020


CH DK*Coogan's Joker

S*Acoonitum's Night Snow

Both parents HCM screen normal

One girl and two boys 

  • S*Acoonitum's Endless possibilities

    n. 03 22
    Sold to Finland

  • S*Acoonitum's Eagle Eye

    n 03 22
    is gonna move to Gällivare

  • S*Acoonitum's Ever So Clever

    n 03 22

    is gonna move to Luleå

F-Litter was born 29/5-2020

7 Kittens

more info later, the litter lives in fosterhome in kiruna with my daugter


CH DK*Coogan's Joker

IC S*Acoonitum's Pocahontas

Both parents HCM screen normal

  • S*Acoonitum's Faith

    blåsilver sköldpadda med vitt, gs 09 22
    sold to Arvika

  • S*Acoonitum's Feather

    blåsilver sköldpadda med vitt tabby, gs 09 22
    rsold to bollstabruk

  • S*Acoonitum's Foxy

    svart silverr sköldpadda med vitt och tabby, fs 09 22
    sold to piteå

  • S*Acoonitum's Firefly

    svart silver sköldpadda med vitt och mönster tabby fs 09 22
    Sold to Gällivare

  • S*Acoonitum's Fila

    svart silver tigre
    sold to finland

  • S*Acoonitum's Fiona

    blåsilver tabby as 22
    sold to a breeder in Finland

  • S*Acoonitum's Ferdinand

    Sold to Örnsköldsvik


The G-Litter is born


Father is CH DK*Coogan's Joker 

Mother is S*Acoonitum's Tintin

3 Boys and 2 Girls

  • S*Acoonitum's Godolphia

    Tingad till Öjebyn

  • S*Acoonitum's Glenmore DixieLand

    black silver (tabbyy or tigre)Tingad till Umeå

  • S*Acoonitum's Galadrielle

    black ( tabbyy or tigre)
    Sold to Uppslala

  • S*Acoonitum's Golden Shamrock

    Black silver (tabbyy or tigre)
    Sold to Bollstabruk.

  • S*Acoonitum's Good Luck Charm

    Black silver (tabbyy or tigre)
    Tingad till Luleå

S*Acoonitum's H- Litter Is born


CH DK*Coogan's Joker'

SC (N)Hunstadmoen's Leah DVM

Get born to a wonderful litter 

More info later 


  • S*Acoonitum's Hawk of the wind

    Boy d 22
    to luleå

  • S*Acoonitum's Hillview Irich Mist

    boy d 09 22
    sold to Norway

  • S*Acoonitum's Hoshi No Senshi

    boy n 22
    Under evaluation for breed

  • S*Acoonitum's Hummingbird

    boy n 09
    under evaluation for breed

  • S*Acoonitum's Hot Gossip By Joker

    Girl n 03 22
    Sold to a breeder in swede

  • S*Acoonitum's Hidden Treasure By Leah

    Girl f 09 22
    Stays in the cattery

  • S*Acoonitum's Hummingbird (profile)

    under evalutation for breed

  • S*Acoonitum's Hot Gossip by Joker (Profile)

    Option for a breeder

  • S*Acoonitum's Hidden Treasure by Leah (profile)

    Option for me