P-Litter born 11/2-2018

Mother- S*Acoonitum's Gascoyne Scarlett

Father- (N)Hunstadmoen's Marvin Malmstad


  • Pegasus Peter Piper

    Svart/smoke (ns) Boy

    Moves to Piteå

  • Prince Charles of North

    Röd/smoke (ds) Boy

    Moves to Luleå, gonna work in the cattery

Acoonitum's N-Litter

Born 20/12-2017

Parents is

GIC(N)Hunstadmoen's Leah

GIC(N)Hunstadmoen's Jörgen



  • Neko Maneki n

    She is gonna move to Adak, (Arvidsjaur) she is gonna be a breeding cat in a new breeder, and whit slave Åsa. (and two German Shepards)

  • Night Snow n 01 21 62

    Her Name is - Nelly
    The most beautiful thing my cattery created !! She stays here at my house and Cattery, becomes an interesting girl to follow and she has a wonderful personality already at the age of 7 weeks.

  • Navaho d 03 22 sold

    Moves to Öjebyn To dear friends.

  • Nubia'z Princess f 22 sold

    Moves to Piteå she is gonna live whit her brother Harry and dear slave Viktor

  • Northen Light f 03 22

    Moves to Luleå, she is gonna live whit her sister from Acoonitum's L-litter and dear Slave Johanna

Acoonitum's O-litter

Born 29/12-2017

Parents is

S*Acoonitum's Disa

(N)Hunstadmoen's Marvin

Lives in Kiruna whit my daugher

(Delivery is from Piteå, if you not live close to Kiruna)


  • Acoonitum's Oni Boy, Black born 29/12-17 Moves to Umeå

    S*Acoonitum's Disa
    (N)Hunstadmoen's Marvin Malmstad

  • Acoonitum's Once upon a time Girl, n 03 22 Moves to Stockhoolm to be a breeder cat <3

    S*Acoonitum's Disa
    (N)Hunstadmoen's Marvin Malmstad

  • Acoonitum's Oden n 03 22 Moves to Älvsbyn

  • Acoonitum's Obelix n 22

    Obelix is going to stay in the Cattery for a breeding/show male. He is gonna move to Karlstad, and live whit my daugter

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