Hjärta  X-Litter is born Hjärta


S*Acoonitum's Gascoyne Scarlett

DK*Coogan's Joker

3Girls, fs and n (s?)

  • Xhesica


  • Xillian


  • XinXing


HjärtaW-Litter is Born 30/-12-2018Hjärta

SC(N)Hunstadmoen's Leah DVM

(N)Hunstadmoen's Marvin Malmstad

One boy, Red Van (d 21  01)

One Girl, Black and withe, bicoulor( n 03)


  • Wispering Spirit (Girl)

    n 03
    she gonna stay <3

  • Winter Wonderland (Boy)

    d 01 21 62
    Sold to Boden and gonna live with S*Acoonitum's TomCat (Runar)

HjärtaV-Litter is born Hjärta


Mother - S*Acoonitum's Night Snow

Father - DK*Coogan's Joker

two lovely girls 

  • S*Acoonitum's Victorias Secret Girl, n 09 22

    For sale for breed show (Reserverad)

  • S*Acoonitum's VictoryNox Girl, n 03

    For sale

HjärtaU-Litter is BornHjärta

in Kiruna 7/11-2018

Mother - S*Acoonitum's Disa (n 22)

Father - DK*Coogan's Joker (n 22)


  • S*Acoonitum's Unstoppable n 22 boy

    såld till avel

  • S*Acoonitum's Undercover n boy

    såld till sällskap i kiruna

HjärtaHjärtaT-Litter Is bornHjärtaHjärta


HjärtaAll kittens from this Litter have new home Hjärta

Mother S*Acoonitum's LeeLoo (a 09)

Father S*Acoonitum's The Spaceman (ns 09)

3 black smoke girls

2 black smoke with white ( 03,09) girl

2Black smoke whith withe boys

  • Tyra

    Girl ns
    is sold for breeding
    (she have quality for breeed)

  • Truffles.

    Boy, ns 09
    Sold to Boden

  • Tamara

    Girl, ns
    She is gonna live with her father The Spaceman in Luleå

  • Tora

    Girl, n 09
    sold to Boden

  • Tiger Lily.

    Girl, ns 03
    Sold to Överkalix

  • TinTin. ,

    Girl ns
    She Stay in the cattery

  • TomCat,

    Boy ns 09(03)
    sold to Boden